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EU Projects


Royalsystems implements the project entitled “The use of IOB support to implement product and process innovation at Royalsystems Sp. z o.o.”, no. POIR.02.03.01-18-0073 / 18. The project is implemented under priority axis 2: Support for R&D services and business operations , measure 2.3 Pro-innovative services for companies, sub-measure 2.3.1 Pro-innovative IOB services for SMEs of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020.

The goal of the project is  effectively support for the company with the help of pro-innovative consulting services in the development and implementation of product and process technological innovation as well as organizational and marketing innovation and the implementation of investments in the form of an innovative technological solution (a machine enabling an automatic production process).

The result of the project with the help of consultancy services is the implementation of process and product technological innovation, the implementation of marketing and organizational innovation, and the purchase of the machine necessary to implement the innovation. The obtainted results (due to the implementation of product and process innovation) will contribute to the increase of the company’s competitiveness, innovation, increase of work efficiency, acquisition of new orders and new outlets, increase of the company’s revenues and potential.

Project value:
1 126 255,00 zł

Financing value:
721 700,00 zł

Planned period of the project implementation:
01.03.2019 – 29.02.2020




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